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Why we need vitamin C with our collagen supplement

Why we need vitamin C with our collagen supplement

Posted on April 12 2024, By: Sarah Mitchell Weston

Why we need vitamin C with our collagen supplement

Taking vitamin C with a collagen supplement is important because vitamin C plays a crucial role in collagen synthesis. They work hand in hand to make sure your body gets the most out of the collagen you're taking. In fact, without sufficient vitamin C in the body, taking a collagen supplement without vitamin C may be about as effective as taking just another protein powder! 

Here's why...

Picture this: your body is like a construction site, constantly building and repairing tissues, and collagen is one of the key materials it uses. But here's the catch—collagen doesn't just magically appear. It needs some special processing, and that's where vitamin C steps in.

Vitamin C acts like the foreman on the construction site, making sure all the workers (AKA enzymes!) are doing their job properly. These enzymes are responsible for turning the raw materials (amino acids) into collagen, and they can't do it without vitamin C. It's like trying to build a house without nails—it just won't hold together properly.

Plus, think of vitamin C as the bodyguard for your collagen. It helps protect it from damage caused by nasty free radicals floating around in your body. So not only does it help build collagen, but it also makes sure it stays strong and healthy once it's built.

In short, taking vitamin C with your collagen supplement is like giving your body the perfect recipe for building and maintaining strong, healthy tissues. They're a dynamic duo that ensures your body gets the most out of your supplement, keeping you feeling and looking great from the inside out!

PROCHAINE Collagen Beauty Blends all contain 250mg of vitamin C per serve, more than enough to keep your daily vitamin C levels optimised for collagen production, antioxidant protection, immunity, and more.  

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